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Pulmonary Medicine, Infectious Disease and Critical Care Consultants Medical Group, Inc., is the largest group of its kind in northern California. Over the years our medical group has become known as “PMA”. With more than 30 physicians and non-physician providers, we are a very diverse group with expertise in a number of medical specialties, but that is not all we do.

Some PMA physicians have extensive experience in independent medical and disability evaluations as well as courtroom experience.

PMA providers care for some of the most complicated and critically ill patients in the greater Sacramento area, both in the hospital and in the outpatient office environment.


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For Travel Medicine Appointments: (916) 679-3588

 For all billing-related matters: (916) 482-7623


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The scope of our services include but are not limited to:

Pulmonary Medicine—evaluating and caring for patients with problems involving the lungs and breathing. Examples include but are not limited to asthma, emphysema, COPD, interstitial lung disease, pleural effusions, sarcoidosis, and pulmonary fibrosis.


Infectious Disease—evaluating, tracking, and caring for patients with serious infections including post surgical infections and HIV disease. In addition to patient care responsibilities, we work with the hospitals and counties as part of their Infection Control programs.



Allergy/Asthma/Immunology – help patients suffering from environmental, contact, skin and eye allergies; hay fever or rose fever, chronic sinusitis, chronic cough, post-nasal drip, asthma, hives, angioedema, eczema, hypersensitivity lung disorders, food and drug allergies, mast cell disorder, immune deficiencies.


Sleep Medicine—evaluating and treating the range of problems relating to sleep disorders.


map with stethescopeTravel Medicine - specialized in diseases and conditions that are acquired during travel. Travelers to different countries should be aware of the potential for acquiring diseases and injury which are not common in their own country. Immunizations, preventative medications, and general precautions should be considered prior to trips to different parts of the world.



Interventional Pulmonology – Interventional Pulmonology is an emerging field in Pulmonary that has dramatically changed the approach to evaluating pulmonary nodules, diagnosis and staging of lung cancer, treatment of lung cancer and diagnosis and treatment of pleural diseases. We offer the least invasive and most up-to-date technology as treatment options.


Palliative Care—the medical discipline focused on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness – no matter what the prognosis.


Doctors_talking_in_4254Critical Care Medicine—providing specialized care for seriously ill patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit. In several local hospitals, our hospital care team includes nurse practitioners who work closely with our physicians to provide you with the highest level of medical care and treatment available.  Research clearly shows that ICU patients have lower risks of death and shorter ICU and hospital stays when a specially trained intensivist physician oversees patient care. Where intensivists are available to manage and monitor ICU care, patients’ problems are identified sooner, leading to more rapid and evidence-based interventions and lower mortality rates – a 30 percent reduction in hospital mortality and a 40 percent reduction in ICU mortality.


dr_ikedaTele ICU – PMA physicians have the most experience in remote ICU monitoring and intervention in community hospitals of any medical group in the country. PMA intensivists have provided the clinical expertise needed to make optimum use of the tools of technology since January of 2003. Now, partnered with Performance ICU, PMA physicians can use technology to provide Tele-ICU services anywhere, reducing the length of time patients are on ventilators and in the ICU, and saving lives.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy—supervising and managing patients whose medical problems can be improved by the use of high levels of oxygen.